Catholic Hymnal App

The Catholic Hymnal

The Catholic Hymnal App is two(2) years old. Version 1.0 appeared in the play store on the 25th of May, 2013, its come a long way since then.

What was just a toy project, quickly grew into something else, this app became a full time job. The Catholic Hymnal became the centre around which NibbleIT revolved. NibbleIT, is a software consultancy firm, based in Ghana. Still in its startup phase, NibbleIT used the Catholic Hymnal as its outdooring to the world.

The Catholic Hymnal has grown over the years, growth identified by the number of downloads and active users in the play store. From obviously the 1 (one) download to 75,000 downloads and approximately 32,000 active users. This is the play store alone.

And yet, the application in its development is far from done. AT v2.0.1 the Catholic Hymnal App is poised to deliver Catholic Hymns and Prayers on other platforms.

This blog will be the official outlet for all Catholic Hymnal and NibbleIT related information.

Sing in style.

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